Exophony is the practice of writing in a language that is not one’s mother tongue.

Imagine writing a love poem in your native language. Or a fictional story about your existential crises. Imagine having to follow a specific rhyme, eloquently convey your emotions, create unique and three-dimensional characters. Now, imagine doing that in another language. Sounds impossible, right?

Litehouse’s mission is to bring forth those creative endeavors from exophonic writers, from poetry and fiction to audio poems and personal interviews, with the sole purpose of educating, fostering awareness, and inspiring prolific dialogues around exophony, identity, and language.


In celebration of Pride Month, Litehouse supports the exophonic LGBTQ+ writers and poets and their contribution to the literary world.

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You can browse your reading by country! Click on each country’s marker and read all the submissions from that location.

Accent-ric Poetry

Pun intended! Accentric Poetry is an initiative to celebrate a different aspect of exophony: the foreign accent! Litehouse is proud to present you a collection of audio poems from exophonic writers, reciting their own poems in their own unique way (and accent).

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