METAMORPHOSIS by Alexandra Krolikowska

Why chrysalis doesn’t feel pain becoming butterfly? Why snakes are fine shedding their old skin? What’s wrong with me that I am drowning in agony By trying to spread my new growing wings? How can I convince my heart that it is alright If the tightest hugs are not calming anymore? What should I tell …

AMNESIA by Sachin Rana

I will let the sea recite my poems and the waves carry my words, my mouth is sealed and my eyes cannot talk. Sands of time haunt me so does the cosmic clock. I know time is relative. I look at the damp red wallin front of me, some photo frames,a broken mirror,a calendar hanging. …

BEACH FUN by Lorelei Bacht

Women who suffer from loneliness drown a little each day, unseen.

Lorelei Bacht is a poet from France whose work focuses on such themes as aging, motherhood, infidelity, and finding oneself as a nearly middle-aged woman.


There are so many pepper beads on your platetoo much for that little tiny body to takefeel constant ticking inside your mouthfrom the tip of tongueto the damp hole of throatconstantconstantunlike worm – eaten groundbroken, gradedwe walkovercrowdedit leaves me floatingflabbergastedhooking my claws on double bso that I might forgetfear of loud voicesin strange placesgaping like …


Thousands and thousands of musings And proclamations have been made on the planet, From the beginning of the mankind. Ages have slept, butAges have also awakened the poets of the sleeping tidesAnd also,Self made people and corrugated hearts.Today the marginalized are also making their sayWhat got written is only a small reflectionof what happened.Perhaps, It …


is the TV’s tense click in the crispy three am cold lusting after the blankets thuds on hardwood floor as my body moves about the house hunting for confections and epiphany the neighbor’s cat on the table yawning to the smell of rotting bananas dreaming of long, yellow rats, paws chasing tails aside in silence …

THE LIFE I BREATHE IN by Rajnish Mishra

The life I breathe in; the ocean in three dimensions is you.Water, saline, within, without blurs my visions and dreams,day and night. The fear that I’d lose you and live without you,Day after day, year after year, eyes dry, no tears,For that’s who I know I am; frightens me, it frightens me. That question resurfaced …

FOREST by David Dephy

Sick of the illusions raised by the killers,became teachers. Sick of the dust raised by those teachers,became fools. On the edge of the past, the fears are rolling over. We are still running all around each other  in forest and its dark stillness. A stillness never tells the truth. Forest is only a body of leaf’s soul. …

WESTERN ASTROLOGY by Nare Navasardyan

“As Above, So Below,”
Marks the gate to proxy-rules
That read stars, like they’re a cluster
Of those Indo-European symbols…

PALE YELLOW by Abdulmueed Balogun

Tonight, the sky is pale yellow
like the skin of a mourning mother.
Tonight, the night is dark, darker…

MY LOSS IS MY ROOT by Téa Nicolae

my loss is my root when my legs are wobbly.
It keeps me level-headed, grounded, with my feet turned inward […]

HOSTILITY by Morice Marcuse

Fear grows,
where sky meets snow.
How to become
we can relate to? […]

SONG OF THE SEAMAN by Tonmoi Das Kashyap

Walking along the sea beach;
amid the sleepless nights,
I listen to the song of the seaman
rhyming with the concert
of the independent waves […]


All of the graves I’ve dug myself out of,
All I have coughed up from deluged lungs,
All of the fevered fogs I have evaporated into,
All of the infernos that have charred my heart, […]

O, HOW I BOW TO ODD NUMBERS by Cássia Canedo

O,how I bow to odd numbers
o, how unruly my eyes
my shattered wrists from failing
how twisted the sounds of my mouth
when they collapse into the earth […]

THERE IS A BAR IN THE WILD by Kelvin Nyakubaya

Behold the savannah, sun baked to perfection

Therein beyond the brush resides the watering hole the ancestral Grail

Mother nature’s bosom the untamed drinkers haven

The setting Sun sinks into the sparkling water like an olive in a dirty martini […]

1 / 2 by Sneha Dasgupta

Awake between the hours that let the sunlight in,
Through the cracks in the clouds,
I see slivers of silver that sail into gold,
The slivers slither down and warm up the ground,
And I shall sweat bullets through dawn and the morning […]

YELLOW by Rike Rettschlag

I can still see the sickly yellow of your bathroom
I’d go there to be alone – I think the architect knew
that it was a perfect place for storing my feelings
because yellow looks like the absence of you […]

WHEN MY EYES CRY by Saleh Qaderbouh

When my eyes cry
A goose comes from Finland
and wipes them with her wing.
And when I laugh
A panda from Korea pushes me with its elbow
with cheerfully chuckled […]

TONIGHT by Muriel Cuissard

Tonight is heartache and black teeth like charcoal wrapped pearls.

It’s hollow heartspace and empty hands, like hands / that once held branches of flowers / but dropped them / on the way home
It’s a kid crying outside the window, as if he was the siren from within, warnings going on / and / off in the 3rd of September’s night sky […]

INSOMNIA by Eleni Damaskou

I am afraid,
that I am afraid.
I act easier behind screens.
I fall in love and I abstain.
Exposure causes pain,
in pain there is salvation […]

UNTITLED by Narah Soares

I wanted it all –
My sins forgiven
Every single one of my aspirations fulfilled
I longed for a comfortable bed,
In which I could lay my head when
The world was indifferent to my sorrows […]