Litehouse Book Reviews

Are you a published exophonic writer or poet? Do you want to expand your audience and build your credibility? Do you want a literary review of your book/publication?

Litehouse gives the opportunity to all published exophonic writers and poets to introduce their work to the Litehouse readers and establish their brand and recognizability, through social media contests and exclusive book reviews that will be displayed on the website and social media.

If you’re interested, send an email to including information on the book you want reviewed (title, publication date, etc.) and a few details about yourself.

I am looking forward to reading your wonderful books!

Pun intended! Accentric Poetry is an initiative dedicated to create audio poems for Litehouse. If you’re interested in sending Litehouse your audio poem, please make sure you follow the guidelines:

• Submit a poems of yours for publication to the Litehouse. If your poem has already been published, you can send an audio recording of it.
• High quality audio: ensure your microphone is of good quality, with as less pops and whistles as possible, and no background noise.
• Clear articulation: respect its metre, pauses, and punctuation. Read the poem slowly in a relaxed voice, taking into consideration its flow.
• Respect the poem: help the listener understand and feel the poem. Communicate it.


If you want to be featured as one of the Litehouse’s exophonic writers, now it’s your time to shine and be displayed on the website and social media as a prominent contributor.

What do I need to do?
If you’re interested, send a portrait of yourself (high resolution) to, as well as answering the questions below:
– A few details about yourself (where you’re from, any publication/accomplishments, etc.)
– What does being an exophonic writer mean to you?
– Why do you write? What is your writing process like?
– What is the last book that made you cry?
– What advice do you have for other exophonic writers?



Litehouse is calling for fiction and poetry from people who are on self-isolation due to Covid-19 and their struggle for survival.

Everyone is warmly encouraged to submit writings (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) that address these narratives.