UNTITLED by Narah Soares

I wanted it all— 
My sins forgiven 
Every single one of my aspirations fulfilled

I longed for a comfortable bed, 
In which I could lay my head when 
The world was indifferent to my sorrows

Loneliness is only welcomed when it is not imposed 
Inasmuch as it is imposed, it is only exile

I have woken early in the morning and stared the ceiling, 
Realizing, even though I haven’t spoken about it out loud, that  
There are not many things to me here, 
In this city of nameless deities 

I feel that I have been facing the world from below 
I keep wondering where I must go 
Regardless of knowing that— 
Wherever I might go— 
I will never be there entirely

Narah is from Brazil. She holds a Law degree and literature has been guiding her as long as she can remember.

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