CITY OF NO STRANGERS by Meliha Šaćirović

Brisk steps over the pavements 
Kissed by the many drops 
Of a sudden, spring-like rain 

A loud laugh escapes the throat 
In a city 
Of no strangers 

Careless moments—born by a mere spark
Of something hidden
A natural trait
Demanding to soar
In all its beauty

There's plenty of life
Yet to be filled
Plenty of moments
Yet to be lived
And plenty nuances of us
Yet to be loved
And grown

In a city of no strangers
Their eyes can reproach
Until they realize the liberty
Of running in the rain
In love

Meliha is currently living in Serbia, while Bosniak is her native language. Always wandering and wondering, Meliha’s observations pour into verses and lines which at times surprise her too. She’s on a quest of her own Walden, still far in sight, yet so close to the heart. All life is a journey of becoming oneself.

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