METAMORPHOSIS by Alexandra Krolikowska

Why chrysalis doesn't feel pain becoming butterfly? 
Why snakes are fine shedding their old skin? 
What's wrong with me that I am drowning in agony 
By trying to spread my new growing wings?

How can I convince my heart that it is alright 
If the tightest hugs are not calming anymore? 
What should I tell my aching soul when it's crying 
Begging me to just listen to its hopes?

Where is your hand? I can't see in the darkness 
I am scared, the void fills my mind 
I am keeping my tears behind just it's cold 
Please I just wanna get home

Alexandra is a multimedia conceptual artist from Ukraine (born in 1990, in Donetsk city, but because of a war conflict with Russia had to move and based in Kyiv currently) who works within the duo Krolikowski Art. Mostly she works with analog photography and video, installation, performance, and writing. Since she studied psychology and considers the human psyche the greatest source of inspiration, her focus is spinning around the therapeutic effects of art, the mechanisms of memory, trust, and intimacy in the post-truth era.

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