THERE IS A BAR IN THE WILD by Kelvin Nyakubaya

Behold the savannah, sun baked to perfection 

Therein beyond the brush resides the watering hole the ancestral Grail 

Mother nature's bosom the untamed drinkers haven 

The setting Sun sinks into the sparkling water like an olive in a dirty martini 

Stirred by slithering serpents and crocodiles, 

Not shaken by the death toll of those who drink and die 

Those who thirst are willing to wine and dine with the grim reaper 

To die for a sip of the perfect brew 

Birds of prey bold and proud are grounded by it 

The big five big and strong are subdued by it 

Truly thirst is master and when it beacons there is no denying it 

A herd of buffalo converge to the regular drinking spot 

A testimony, to the living dying of thirst 

Eyes closed the black death in tall grass takes a sip of the still waters 

Oblivious to the jaws that prey on those who drink to excess 

Dust to dust and to dust you shall return 

Chaos ensues, as the crocodile performs the death roll 

One flies, one flees and lives to drink another day 

The other drowns and there is blood in the water as a feeding frenzy ensues 

The very source of life is riddled with death 

A moment of silence for the fallen 

Until we meet again, a toast to the dead for even in death they still thirst

The thirst is quenched only for that moment

For in the unforgiving heat of day

Hot and exhausted, the heart will want

And dry chapped lips will remember

In that very moment the thirst will return 

And when it does, will you drink responsibly?

Kelvin is an independent content creator from Zimbabwe. Recently, he was commissioned to produce a 13 episode documentary called Many Wonders of Mosi oa Tunya by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. Normally, he writes poetry, scripts and short stories.

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