O, HOW I BOW TO ODD NUMBERS by Cássia Canedo

O, how I bow to odd numbers 

o, how unruly my eyes 
my shattered wrists from failing 
how twisted the sounds of my mouth 
when they collapse into the earth 

What shimmer will bring upon us luck 
the kind that allows our fingers to 
graciously dig out the vibrant slices of the soul 
that will remain, after body evades life? 

What amount of hope, what amount of love, what amount? 

O, how I’m afraid we’ve been forgotten
by whoever made us be
and whoever lit the stage and can’t find the switch
for us only to be bound
for us only to become 
a part
apart in our own lives

Cássia is Portuguese/Angolan and lives in Portugal. You can follow her work below.

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