SONG OF THE SEAMAN by Tonmoi Das Kashyap

Walking along the sea beach; 
amid the sleepless nights, 
I listen to the song of the seaman 
rhyming with the concert 
of the independent waves. 

The chill breeze 
whispers into my ears 
a secret story of the sea 
it veils and carries 
along its journey. 

The waves cleanse my feet 
play with my fingers,
but my soul ignores,
flow with the song—
a song of solitude
that reflects me.

Tonmoi Das Kashyap is an emerging poet and short story writer from India. His work has been published in 29 Anthology, Literary Garland, The Assam Tribune and some of his poems are awaiting publications in Burgundy Balloon, The Daily Drunk, Trouvaille Review, etc. 

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