RIVALRY WITH THE SUN by Anindita Sarkar

The breeze greets her 

She interprets—

 a hard day ahead,

the lake sports an emerald hue, 

a squirrel timidly peers, 

she sits on a stool near her window 

her hairs glint in tangerine flare, 

her eyes turgid with tales, 

waiting for a passer-by,

to stop, listen and 

share her woes, 

the cows are reluctant to leave their shed, 

the fishes are perhaps hibernating,

a flock of birds run a marathon, 

somersaulting with their trimmed bodies, 

the sun surfs defiantly

a red pigment cascades through her skin

trickles down

to the nook and crannies of her veins

she floats in pain

but sits there unnerved, 

braving the squalls 

of a tumultuous foray

with a book in her hand,

a smile on her face

she yearns to survive the sultry season.

Anindita Sarkar is from Kolkata, Westbengal, India. Her mother tongue is Bengali. Her works have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Indolent Books, Door is ajar, CaféLit, Writing in a woman’s voice, 433 mag among others.  

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