There are so many pepper beads on your plate
too much for that little tiny body to take
feel constant ticking inside your mouth
from the tip of tongue
to the damp hole of throat
unlike worm–eaten ground
broken, graded
we walk
it leaves me floating
hooking my claws on double b
so that I might forget
fear of loud voices
in strange places
gaping like wounds
impersonal shudder
street crossings remind me
of mammoth tusks
I am on one side
they on the other
when we meet in the middle
glances will noise
growing up to the stars
embracing light and dust
for us
to remain ourselves

Julija Kaselj (she/her) is a poet, essayist and playwright from Croatia. She’s currently studying Art History and Latin at the University of Zagreb and is especially interested in observation, introspection, philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, music and theatre. Poetry has been her primary media for some years now, and one in which she wishes to work most. She uses it to explore topics of visual thought and its reflection in pursuit of understanding.

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