BEACH FUN by Lorelei Bacht

Heavy rain. The sea, 
Suddenly troubled, struggles 
To read its own face. 

What a drag! My heart 
Broken beyond repair, when 
I should “just relax.” 

Daddy watches them 
Build sandcastles while I drown 
In my middle age. 

Bottom of the sea, 
Smooth black hand of cold water— 

I was lonely once. 
I was lonely twice, and then
I just stopped counting. 

Corals, dead white bones—
Soon, everything about me
Will cease to matter.

Murmur of the waves:
When I made you, you made me.
Walk out, and happen.

Reverse of the sky,
The sea welcomes everything,
Birth, death and the rest. 

Rolling hopes and hurts
Between its invisible
Fingers, it forgives.

Lorelei Bacht is a poet from France, who recently started writing again after moving to Asia, making two beautiful children and failing two marriages. Published last decade, under a different name, her previous work is no longer relevant. Her current work focuses on such themes as aging, motherhood, infidelity, and finding oneself as a nearly middle-aged woman. Some of her musings can be found on her Instagram feed.

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